FAIM2021 will be held as an on-line event. Thus, only Instalment A fees are due.
Instalment B, if paid, will be refunded a.s.a.p.


Following the re-scheduling of the Conference for September 2021 fee payment has also been restructured as follows:

  1. Conference fees can be paid by the presenting author in two installments:
    (A) Publication and handling fee
    (B) Participation fee.
  2. Instalment A amounts to €125 per paper and is payable immediately to secure publication of accepted papers in Procedia Manufacturing, IJ Adv. Manuf. Technology or Robotics and CIM journals as appropriate. Only papers for which this fee has been paid will be published.
  3. Instalment A is owed upon registration and is payable within 7 working days following submission of the registration and issuing of the pertinent invoice.
  4. It is highly desirable that each accepted paper is presented at the Conference in September 2021. However, policy 'no show - no publication' cannot be applied.This means that Instalment B may not be paid, if the presenting author is not in a position to attend the Conference in person.
  5. Instalment B can be paid at the same time with Instalment A or at any time thereafter upon request. In the latter case, the pertinent invoice will be updated accordingly.
  6. Presenting authors have to select REGULAR REGISTRATION or STUDENT REGISTRATION irrespective of the number of participation days.
  7. A registered author can present up to two papers.
  8. Student registration is subject to submission of a valid student ID.
  9. Non presenting authors as well as non authors who want to participate in the Conference must register too.
  10. Accompanying persons are expected to be interested only in side activities, i.e. gala dinner, industrial visits, cultural events etc. They need to register, too.
  11. Participation fee will be fully refunded if the conference is cancelled by the organizer, with no further liability to the client. Registrations remain valid if the conference has to be postponed.
  12. Any special requests regarding invoices and registration can be entered in the field Remark of Participant of the registration form. This would save e-mail traffic.


   Presenting authors Non-presenting authors Non authors Accompanying
1 paper 2 papers 1 paper 2 papers
Total Fee (€)                  
Early bird 490 550 360 420 420 250 320 220 --
Normal 590 650 460 520 520 350 320 220 --
Instalment A  (€)                  
Publication and handling 125 250 125 250 -- -- -- -- --
Instalment B (€)                  
Participation - Early Bird (before 16 July 2021) 365 300 235 170 420 250 320 220 --
Participation - Normal 465 400 335 270 520 350 320 220 --
Participation provisions                  
Conference kit (bag, pen, notepaper) √  √  --
Proceedings on USB stick √   √ --
Complimentary on-site wifi access √  √  --
Complimentary rich coffee breaks √  √  --
Complimentary lunches √  √  --
Gala Dinner Extra Extra Extra Extra
Welcome reception Extra Extra Extra Extra Extra Extra
Cultural event Extra Extra Extra Extra
Industrial visits Extra Extra Extra Extra Extra Extra


Both bank transfer and credit-card payments are accepted. In the first case, all charges should be paid by the sender ('OUR' option in bank transfer form).


Cancellation/Refund Policy of Instalment B

Cancellation point % Refund
Before 16 July 2021 95% of payment
After 16 July 2021 No refunds
If FAIM2021 is turned into fully on-line conference, Instalment B will be fully refunded


To Register please refer to Registration menu.