FAIM2021 will be held as an on-line event.
Thus, only Instalment A fees are due. Instalment B, if paid, will be refunded a.s.a.p.
All registration for events related to in-person attendance will unfortunately be ignored.


Registration for on-line event participation through zoom platform.

FAIM2021 will take place from Tuesday 7 September to Friday 10 September 2021 in three virtual locations named Creta, Syros and Leros for parallel sessions.

In order to get access to these locations you need to register to all three of them, repeating the short process three times, using three separate  links: They have been sent to all participants registered through ConfTool by personal email.

Please complete your registration as soon as possible before 7 September.

After your registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail with one personalised meeting link per location.

On the days of the conference in order to enter any of the meetings scheduled at these locations you either press Join Meeting in the confirmation email or you copy-paste into your browser the relevant link. You may switch between parallel sessions by using the respective meeting links as necessary, essentially leaving one location and entering another.


Registration on ConfTool

Information on fees is provided in the menu Fees.

Registration Payment of publication and handling fee (Instalment A) as well as participation fee (Instalment B) is done only on-line through the Register as Participant menu item in ConfTool upon logging into the platform.

Normally, an account will already exist from paper submission stage, otherwise it has to be created anew.

The on-line registration for participation form consists of 4 consecutive steps: 

  1. Participant Status
  2. Event and Item Selection
  3. Payment Details
  4. Confirm Registration

In Step 2, please tick all items that you are interested in, even if their corresponding cost is 0 (i.e. they are already included in the overall participation fee). In this way the organisers acquire a good indication of the attendance intention of each event / activity.

Payment may be made within this the registration process by bank transfer or credit card.  It can also be made later on, but always respecting the deadlines set regarding Instalment A. In the latter case, all payment outlets / instructions will appear in the main ConfTool menu of the registered participant.

From the second group of options in the main menu page of ConfTool you can also :

  1. Access Your Participant Registration Details
  2. Access Pro-Forma Invoice and Registration Confirmation
  3. Enter or Edit Your Payment Details



  • The presenting authors should be indicated in the ConfTool Platform by checking the appropriate field in Contribution Details menu.
  • On-site registration is allowed, but it will be conducted by the Conference Secretariat using the same on-line system.
  • All registered participants will be issued a personalised FAIM2021-ID card which will be handed over to them at the registration desk. This will provide access control to sessions and events.


Registration modification

Participants who already paid publication fees for one paper but need to change Participant Status

  • Select ‘Access Your Participant Registration Details’ in the Participant menu. This will allow you to check the ‘Participant Status’ under which you have been registered. The list of allowed statuses is as follows:
    • Presenting author - Regular - 1 paper
    • Presenting author - Regular - 2 papers
    • Presenting author - Student - 1 paper
    • Presenting author - Student - 2 papers
    • Non-presenting author - Regular
    • Non-presenting author - Student
    • Non-author - Regular
    • Non-author – Student
  • If you need to have ‘Participant Status’ changed, you need to notify ConfTool system administrators, so please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with cc to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the current and new status selecting from the above list.
  • We will inform you when the change is made, so that you can then procede to Case 3, as required.

Note that :

  • As a participant you are allowed to present up to two papers that you have authored or co-authored. Also, any published paper should have as registered presenter one of its authors.
  • For papers which you have co-authored and whose publication fees have already been paid through the registration of an author other than you, the fees might be transferred from that person to you provided that the rule of max two papers presented per participant is respected. Of course, you have to indicate the respective paper and registered author in your e-mail. In that case, we will cancel that registration and at the same time update yours accordingly.


Participants who have already registered but need to modify some activities (other than paper handling)

  • Select ‘Access Your Participant Registration Details’ in the Participant menu. This will allow you to check the conference activities for which you have been registered.
  • If you want to add (or remove) activities to your registration, e.g. add in-person participation if you have paid only publication fees, go back to Participant menu and select ‘Edit your Participant Registration Details’.
  • You can tick the activities that are available for adding and then ‘Save Participant Data’.
  • Then, you can go back to Participant menu and select ‘Enter or Edit Your Payment Details’ and ‘Edit the Billing Details of Your Registration’.
  • A new invoice will be issued to reflect the changes you have made. You can print invoices by selecting ‘Print Version of Transactions (Invoices)’ in the Participant menu.
  • Note that no refunds will be given in connection to cancellation of in-person participation after the deadline set (currently 30 June 2021) except in case FAIM2021 is transformed into fully on-line.

Authors who have already paid Instalment A and wish to participate in person in FAIM2021

Please download instructions here.