Distinguished academics and industrialists will deliver the keynote speeches. Confirmed Speakers are shown below, but the list is still under development.


Duc Truong Pham

Chance Professor of Engineering, Director of Research

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Birmingham


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Topic: AutoReman: Progress towards Autonomous Remanufacturing

Remanufacturing is the returning of a used product to at least its original performance. Product disassembly is the first and arguably most difficult operation in a remanufacturing process chain. We will give an update on research conducted in the Autonomous Remanufacturing Laboratory at the University of Birmingham  on robotising the disassembly of products for remanufacture.




George G.Q. Huang

Chair Professor, Head

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

University of Hong Kong


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Topic: Smart Manufacturing – From Zero Inventory to Zero Warehousing Manufacturing (ZWM) and Zero Factory Manufacturing (ZFM)

ZWM is to minimize inventories maintained around essential warehousing operations such as loading and unloading areas. ZFM is to locate production plants within the same virtual logistics park where warehousing operations are shared. Digital twin technology is used to upgrade men, machines and materials into smart entities that constitute internet of things or physical internet. Mobile apps and services are aware of time and space of smart entities and are highly synchronized to fulfill their missions. Ultimately, the lands are used primarily for production activities instead of warehousing operations.




Mohamed El Mansori


Department of Mechanical, Materials Science and Manufacturing Engineering

Arts et Métiers, ParisTech


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Topic: Smart manufacturing through digital twin concept

Digital Twin concept is an intelligent digital replication of the physical assets of a product or process that allows prediction of its behavior and optimization of its parameters before use in real production. The power of digital twin will be introduced with respect to casting of different types of mechanical parts with complex and exact geometry while balancing production throughput, cost and quality.




Dimitris Kiritsis

Professor of ICT for Sustainable Manufacturing

School of Engineering,Institute of Mechanical Engineering

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)


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Topic: The meaning of data and the value of data sharing

Εverything that surrounds us is linked to a data source and many aspects of our lives are being more and more digitalized. Under the lens of data heterogeneity, it can be argued that the fervent search for the meaning of data constitutes the Holy Grail of data integration and sharing. Semantic technologies offer a complete toolset for simultaneously providing the raw data and their meaning, offering a unique way for establishing a contextual framework for data sources exposure.