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The theme of FAIM2021 is ‘Multiple, complementary and evolving facets of modern manufacturing: holistic synthesis’ pointing to its four thematic pillars underpinned by automation and intelligence streams. Indicatively:


Manufacturing processes

  • new and innovative processes
  • new and innovative processed materials
  • precision engineering and manufacturing
  • processing at the micro and nano scales

Machine tools

  • design and dynamics
  • numerical control and mechatronics
  • accuracy and metrology
  • intelligent machine tools
  • process and condition monitoring

Manufacturing Systems

  • new manufacturing paradigms
  • flexible/Intelligent automation
  • Collaborative robots (Robot-robot, Human-robot etc.)
  • system lifecycle engineering
  • process planning, production planning / scheduling/ control
  • quality control and inspection, TQM
  • logistics and supply chain engineering
  • ergonomics, health and safety
  • education and training

Enabling technologies

  • applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Virtual / Augmented Reality
  • Digital Twins
  • computational geometry
  • CAD / CAM
  • manufacturing networks and security
  • ontologies and information modelling 


In order to present a paper at FAIM2021, the following steps and rules must be followed:

  • An Abstract is submitted first through Conftool, see menu Abstract submission (not required for Supplementary Call).
  • The abstract can be submitted as a regular one or as part of a special session (it may also be embedded into a suitable one later).
  • Special sessions are called for separately, see menu Call for Special Sessions.
  • Once the Abstract has been accepted, the corresponding Full Paper should be submitted through Conftool, see menu Paper submission.
  • Full Papers can also be submitted by skipping the Abstract submission phase.
  • The Full Paper should be formatted for publication in Proceedia Manufacturing journal (gold open access) or, alternatively in the normal call (but not in the Supplementary Call) in one of the two top-class journals associated with the Conference, if the authors believe that its quality is appropriate, see menu Paper submission.
  • All papers undergo rigorous peer review at the appropriate level. Papers that were intended for top-class journals associated with FAIM Conference but were rejected in the fast-track reviewing process will need to be reformatted and resubmitted for publication in Procedia Manufacturing.
  • Final version of the papers should respond adequately to any minor or major correction recommendation by the reviewers.
  • An accepted paper is published only if it one of its authors has properly registered before the designated deadline of the conference. A registered author can present (in person or virtually) a maximum of two papers.
  • Two best paper awards (250 € each, offered by MDPI Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing) will be presented at the conference, namely concerning Manufacturing Technology and Manufacturing Systems themes.
  • After the Conference, authors of high quality papers published in Procedia Manufacturing will be given the opportunity to significantly extend their papers and submit them to special issues of quality journals secured for FAIM2021, see menu Journal publications.


Original call for papers download in pdf